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Sexism Makes You Bad at Math

April 2, 2011

My husband got offered a new job, one he had very little experience for–but his Boss was willing to train him up. He could probably have done 20% of the job.

After a few weeks it wasn’t working out so my husband suggested to him that perhaps I was a better candidate as I knew probably 80% of the job and would pick up the rest fairly quickly.  He said he’d think about it but could only take me on at minimum wage, less than a quarter of what he was paying my husband. Guess expecting equal pay for more knowledge was too much!


Rachel [no location]


BP’s diversity strategy

January 15, 2011

I work for BP’s trading organization. We just had a round table discussion about how to get more women into higher level roles, and into trading. Our Head of Trading said that we were going to start “recruiting female athletes for the intern trading program, as long as they can count.” This was after he attested to “giving permission” to the recruiters to lower the bar so they would get more female recruits. I guess it’s #MFIF

BP employee

Her fault she’s transsexual

August 29, 2010

This story appeared in a UK newspaper:

6ft 3in transsexual ‘forced to apologise to colleagues for wearing dress to work … and then sacked’


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