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Epic Pwnage of Street Harasser

March 28, 2011

I had an interesting encounter the other day. I was wearing shorts – as you do on a warm day – and walking down the main street to the university, in the middle of the day.
A couple of men stopped me and one of them said, “How much do you charge, love?”

Female students here get this kind of crap a lot, so I decided to mess with him. “For a prat like you, a million pounds, but if you’ve got a sister, I’ll do her free.”
This incensed him and he started yelling, “You can’t say that about my sister!”
“Well,” I said as calmly as I could, “I am someone’s sister too.”
“Oh. Of course, yeah… I do like your shorts though. Sorry I was a dickhead before, like.”
“Thanks. Just remember women are people too and we don’t like being called sluts.”
“Aye, makes sense… Sorry, love. You have a nice day.”
“You too, mate, nice to meet you.”

I was quite heartened by how he seemed to change his mind and be really quite friendly after I’d challenged him, but I shouldn’t have to answer to strangers for the crime of wearing shorts. Then again, it’s MFIF.

Someone’s Sister, UK


Your Friend, the Street Harasser.

August 17, 2010

One Sunday afternoon, me and two friends were on our way to see a couple of choirs perform at a local church. My male friend was driving and the only other person in the car was female. For reasons I cannot possibly fathom, when we drove past an attractive young girl on the sidewalk, minding her own damn business and not dressed perfectly normally, he saw it necessary to yell “Sexy bitch!” out the window to her.

I was completely dumbstruck, I couldn’t believe that a guy I knew, that I thought was a friendly, reasonably intelligent guy, had just done that. I hate guys that do that with a passion, particularly because often when it happens to me, I’m walking home, alone, at night, and a car full of blokes goes by at top speed, yelling something indistinguishable which may or may not have included the word ‘whore’. It makes me feel scared, and hugely angry.

It has in the past made me break down in tears on the street. Which might sound oversensitive, but I have a real thing about being made to feel weak, or ineffective – which is exactly what those guys do.

I told him as much. His respone “Nah, it’s a compliment, they’re saying you’re hot.”



Greetings Are More Than They Appear…Apparently.

August 11, 2010

I live in a big city, and I walk or use public transportation to get around. I’ve typically ignored men who approach me on the street on my way to and from work; my parents taught me not to talk to strangers. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore. Doing so led to these men telling me I wasn’t cute enough to be a bitch or calling me a slut.

Then I started saying hello back and found that more often than not that led to the man following me, making a suggestive comment or calling me a bitch or slut anyway.

When I commented to a male friend, he informed me that women returning the hello implied that a sexual relationship would result.

I didn’t realize that returning a hello implied that I would have sex with a man. I guess by walking down the street I’m a slut or a bitch. So sorry I forgot, it’s #MFIF

-Street Walker, USA

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