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Creative Victim-Blaming

March 28, 2011

In the early 1980s, my mother lived in a flat with three other women. She was a night-shift working nurse, and on a certain sunny day while her flatmates were at work, she left the windows and doors open in order to get a little air through the flat. She had got in the bath when from behind the door she heard a noise. She turned around to see a man masturbating. As a staunch feminist, my mum was horrified and, fully nude, she chased the man down the street. Having reported the awful incident to the police, they shrugged it off, with the excuse that she was a nurse, who are known for their promiscuity. They never caught the creep.

Ugh, guess it’s #HFSF and #MFIF

Kitty, undisclosed location


Will someone tell Fiddy to go fuck himself?

September 14, 2010

Somehow, while checking my Twitter today, a tweet from 50 Cent was re-tweeted by one of my friends and so it appeared in my feed. It reads:

“Booty is my new motivational topic of the day. If ur skinny buy you a ass. If u have no tits put them in bitch. Quit playing around”

Damn, I forgot that no man on earth will find me attractive unless I’ve got T&A, and if I don’t, I better spend tens of thousands of dollars getting them put in so people can ogle me on the street. Must be #MFIF.

The Internet, USA #fail

August 29, 2010

What a silly woman. To think that she DARE get into a care, everyone knows what women drivers are like. Serves her right when the airbag hits her in the face and she screams like a helpless idiot.


NB This ad is currently being shown on the UK TV channel ‘Dave’.


Dulux Fail

August 20, 2010

via commenter blackrose01

Has anyone seen that Dulux paint advert where the father is talking to his newborn by narration and all you can see are blue walls with a football mobile above the crib and he says he had it all planned and that ‘you’d’ make it big as a footballer and he says that ‘you’ took them all by surprise, and then you see him painting the walls pink and he swaps everything so its girly with fairies and flowers and stuff?

Like God forbid a surprise baby girl have blue walls with a football motif, can you imagine what it was like at the hospital?

Mother: OH God we have a girl! Quick, go buy some paint and change her room before she begins to get ideas about equality!

Father: I’m on it! No daughter of mine is going to going to grow up as anything less than a girly, girly baby making machine!

I know it’s only a paint advert but it really annoys me how they can be so blatant!

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