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Creative Victim-Blaming

March 28, 2011

In the early 1980s, my mother lived in a flat with three other women. She was a night-shift working nurse, and on a certain sunny day while her flatmates were at work, she left the windows and doors open in order to get a little air through the flat. She had got in the bath when from behind the door she heard a noise. She turned around to see a man masturbating. As a staunch feminist, my mum was horrified and, fully nude, she chased the man down the street. Having reported the awful incident to the police, they shrugged it off, with the excuse that she was a nurse, who are known for their promiscuity. They never caught the creep.

Ugh, guess it’s #HFSF and #MFIF

Kitty, undisclosed location


UK Police ask – what can we do better?

July 26, 2010

The Home Office want to know what they should do to improve the police. Given the amount of terrible policing we have seen here (on both sides of the Atlantic) I would encourage anyone with a view to make themselves known. Sexism allows crimes to go unreported and unsolved, and causes untold misery for the victims. if you’re on Twitter.

I said:

@ukhomeoffice We’d like to see police NOT acting like this, this, and this.

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