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Epic Pwnage of Street Harasser

March 28, 2011

I had an interesting encounter the other day. I was wearing shorts – as you do on a warm day – and walking down the main street to the university, in the middle of the day.
A couple of men stopped me and one of them said, “How much do you charge, love?”

Female students here get this kind of crap a lot, so I decided to mess with him. “For a prat like you, a million pounds, but if you’ve got a sister, I’ll do her free.”
This incensed him and he started yelling, “You can’t say that about my sister!”
“Well,” I said as calmly as I could, “I am someone’s sister too.”
“Oh. Of course, yeah… I do like your shorts though. Sorry I was a dickhead before, like.”
“Thanks. Just remember women are people too and we don’t like being called sluts.”
“Aye, makes sense… Sorry, love. You have a nice day.”
“You too, mate, nice to meet you.”

I was quite heartened by how he seemed to change his mind and be really quite friendly after I’d challenged him, but I shouldn’t have to answer to strangers for the crime of wearing shorts. Then again, it’s MFIF.

Someone’s Sister, UK


MFIF get recognition on 50 Best Blogs for Following Women’s Rights Issues

November 7, 2010

We recently came 13 on’s 50 Best Blogs for Following Women’s Rights Issues.

That means we came ahead of Bust!

Women submit their stories of being made to feel inferior simply for being female. While not explicitly about women’s rights per se, it does shed some light on the systemic misogyny that allows violations to occur.



Letter comment from Kwikfit

July 27, 2010

In this post on a Kwik fit marketing campaign our correspondent was pretty unhappy with the “bubblegum pink” invitation she received to a women only event that was designed to help ladies go over the basics of car maintenance.

Today I got this comment from their Marketing Director.

Hi All,

I’m Chris Bosworth, Marketing Director at Kwik Fit. The wonders of Google alerts brought me to your blog and I wanted to share a couple of comments if I can.

Firstly an apology to MFIF, if we offended you then I’m sorry. We have been running Ladies’ Evenings for a while now in different locations across the UK and the reaction has been really good – it is this that encourages us to keep going. We recently appointed a female manager in our Exmouth centre where we held this particular event – and reacted to the comments of many of our female customers who expressed an interest in learning more about their cars from another woman. We try to get an environment where everyone is comfortable to ask questions about their cars, from the more basic to the advanced. No-one laughs or is made to feel that ‘they should have known that’.. our centre teams try to go through things at the speed that the group is comfortable, with lots of practical examples using the participants own cars. We pitched the invite to try to make it look unintimidating.

We aim at people who are keen to learn a bit to help make them safe and prepared on the road.. most men are probably too proud to admit that they could do with some more knowledge, so we don’t do a men’s event.. (but maybe we should try one..). All our experience suggests that many women are more comfortable asking questions when there are no men around.

I said that was great but maybe the marketing could be a little less… pink.

To which he responded

Point taken – we’ll get to work on some changes to the comms. Thanks for the feedback.

This guy, I like.

MFIF Victory

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