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Female pleasure = terrifying

December 12, 2010

According to this article, a product that is supposed to help women who have sexual difficulties is having trouble receiving advertising. Apparently, most people in the media find “men to be intimidated by the thought of women’s sexuality as independent of a man’s involvement.”

I guess that it’s fine for men to get help in bed, but not so much us women. Must be that its OFWF.

M Ryan



December 12, 2010

Female employees at an accounting firm were ranked on their attractiveness in an email which was circulated to male employees. Clearly, the only reason these women are working at the firm is to provide wank fodder for the men of the company.

Guess it’s #TFTF


Colorado Abortion Amendment defeated, anti-abortion candidate loses in same state

November 7, 2010

70% of voters on November 2 voted down the amendment to Colorado’s constitution, which would have made a foetus a person:

Section 32. Person defined. As used in sections 3, 6, and 25 of Article II of the state constitution, the term “person” shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.

Ken Buck, wannabe Senator, lost to the moderate Democrat Michael Bennet, in part because of his disregard for women’s rights, and in part because he decided not to prosecute a rapist who himself admitted to the crime.

UPDATE: via AH Ken Buck also stated, before losing:

“Why should you vote for me? Because I do not wear high heels.”

Clearly a woman in pumps wouldn’t be able to handle being a senator.

CNN fake seduction

September 30, 2010

This isn’t my story, but you asked about news articles as well… If this mess doesn’t qualify for a HFSF I don’t know what does. Utterly disgusting.



September 27, 2010

Hiatus has been due to workload. More posts tomorrow. MFIF promise.

Women’s rugby: say what now?

September 6, 2010

Woke up this morning to the awesome news that the New Zealand women’s rugby team (The Black Ferns) won the Rugby World Cup for the 4th year in a row, and yet hardly a mention on the news or radio stations…

More news about our men’s team (The All Blacks) who haven’t won a world cup since its inaugural match in 1987!!!

I guess no one really wants to hear about the winners, it’s #TFTF

via vivster

Mod: I read a piece about this in the UK newspaper The Observer on Sunday.

Male writer comes out as female

August 26, 2010

James Chartrand, a writer over at CopyBlogger, is a woman, who used a pseudonym because her work as a woman wasn’t being respected.

After struggling to pay her bills, ‘James’ turned to writing to make money, but it was only when she began using a pseudonym that she was making enough to support her family.

From ‘James’:

You know me as James Chartrand of Men with Pens, a regular Copyblogger contributor for just shy of two years.

And yet, I’m a woman.
This is not a joke or an angle or an analogy — I’m literally a woman.
This is my story.

When consent becomes murky

August 24, 2010

Her Fault She Wasn’t Raped With Force…. Seriously?

via CH

NEWS: MFIF on a bike

August 18, 2010

The lady at 101 Wankers documents the daily harassment and idiocy that she encounters while cycling around London. Wanker #7 stole her bike (the biggest wanker of all).

NB. Americans: Wanker is equivalent to asshole in terms of offensive language.

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