Sexism Makes You Bad at Math


My husband got offered a new job, one he had very little experience for–but his Boss was willing to train him up. He could probably have done 20% of the job.

After a few weeks it wasn’t working out so my husband suggested to him that perhaps I was a better candidate as I knew probably 80% of the job and would pick up the rest fairly quickly.  He said he’d think about it but could only take me on at minimum wage, less than a quarter of what he was paying my husband. Guess expecting equal pay for more knowledge was too much!


Rachel [no location]


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One Response to “Sexism Makes You Bad at Math”

  1. corridor7f Says:

    I had a bf whom I met at work and got a sneak-peak at the inequality of women’s wages, much like you did.

    After a few “peeks”, I asked him not to tell me what he was making nor share details of his career with me – I was happy for him on some level, but it only upset me on another.


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