Short Haircut: You Can Guess Where This is Going, Right?


I have recently gotten a very short haircut. Although the nontraditional trim has given me much confidence, and has met much accolade from my close friends, I get many comments intended to be derogatory while in public.

However, many are surprised at how offended I’m not in being called a lesbian and a homosexual. It’s a way of life, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Why do you think that would I be offended by your mistake?

Whoops, guess it’s #MFIF with a preference for a low- maintenance cut and attracting negativity. Let’s make some petty shots at queer women and women who don’t want to be the traditional barbie dolls.

CJ. Michigan


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2 Responses to “Short Haircut: You Can Guess Where This is Going, Right?”

  1. pittstonjoma Says:

    As a woman with short hair, yes.

    People call me sir all the time, and I find it insulting. I guess women aren’t allowed to have short hair.

  2. corridor7f Says:

    A few years ago I tried out short hair, after having long hair for prety much my whole life. I experienced the same, most of my close friends / family loved it, as did I.. but I would get very strange comments / reactions just the same.

    One person acted like I had cut off my right arm. Another insinuated I had “switched teams”. Others would just plain tell me they “didn’t like women with short hair”.

    But despite this, I love it way too much to let it stop me from the freedom and confidence of short hair.

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