Epic Pwnage of Street Harasser


I had an interesting encounter the other day. I was wearing shorts – as you do on a warm day – and walking down the main street to the university, in the middle of the day.
A couple of men stopped me and one of them said, “How much do you charge, love?”

Female students here get this kind of crap a lot, so I decided to mess with him. “For a prat like you, a million pounds, but if you’ve got a sister, I’ll do her free.”
This incensed him and he started yelling, “You can’t say that about my sister!”
“Well,” I said as calmly as I could, “I am someone’s sister too.”
“Oh. Of course, yeah… I do like your shorts though. Sorry I was a dickhead before, like.”
“Thanks. Just remember women are people too and we don’t like being called sluts.”
“Aye, makes sense… Sorry, love. You have a nice day.”
“You too, mate, nice to meet you.”

I was quite heartened by how he seemed to change his mind and be really quite friendly after I’d challenged him, but I shouldn’t have to answer to strangers for the crime of wearing shorts. Then again, it’s MFIF.

Someone’s Sister, UK


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8 Responses to “Epic Pwnage of Street Harasser”

  1. Branch Monster Says:

    Good show, lady!

  2. cocoducaptain Says:

    This makes me happy 🙂

  3. popesuburban Says:

    Excellent! I hope it sticks. Hats off to you for making someone a wee little bit smarter than they were.

  4. Julian Morrison Says:

    Still sucks that the only way to gain value to this twerp is via relationships. Somebody’s sister, somebody’s daughter, somebody’s girlfriend – but on your own, just a woman.

  5. corridor7f Says:


    One down – many, many to go.

  6. shreen Says:

    It’s sad that approach has to be taken, but you did it with style. Amazing. =)

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