Patronised by my union


I work for the NHS and am a member of a trade union. My union proudly claim to fight workplace discrimination, whether based on gender, age, race, sexual orientation, etc. I just received a 2011 diary from my union, and couldn’t help but notice it is pink. Yes, pink. I wonder if the male union members also received pink diaries?

Well, I doubt it, because we all know by now that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Am I a 4-year-old girl? No, I’m a 30-year-old paramedic, and not only do I hate the colour pink, but I also hate gender stereotyping. It’s bad enough that my patients are surprised that a woman is “allowed” to do my job (what with all that fast driving and heavy lifting- how on earth could a woman do that?!), but my own union supports the ridiculous notion that anyone in possession of a vagina must automatically like a certain colour.

Well, I think pink is vile, and I’m off to cancel my union membership.


Lady in green



5 Responses to “Patronised by my union”

  1. jesurgislac Says:

    It’s just possible that they got their diaries in a rainbow of colours and you just happened to get a pink one.

    (I mention this because a male co-worker was given a chance to design t-shirts for our organisation recently, and came up with a design in an agonising shade of pink. He seemed to see no reason why men shouldn’t wear pink t-shirts and I suppose I applaud this…I just didn’t like that shadw of pink!)

    You could send it back and ask for another colour – say you don’t like pink?

  2. zaphrodite Says:

    Why not ask them what other colours are available? Or find out what colours your colleagues got?

  3. flossiesdoll Says:

    I wouldn’t resign something as important as a union membership over that. I’d find out whether they had done pink for women, blue for men, and if they had, ask them not to do it again. But at a time like this when the goverment are cutting public services left right and centre, I’d be hanging onto my union membership

  4. eltsc Says:

    If I were you, I’d try to find out more about this before canceling my membership. Maybe they really did send pink diaries to everyone. Or as the first poster said, maybe they had lots of colours and you just happened to get a pink one.

    Even if it was gender-based, it’s still a really minor issue. You should send a letter of complaint, by all means, tell them not to do it again, but canceling your membership over something as small as this sounds like overreacting.

  5. futiledemocracy Says:

    The bar that I work at has just given us a rule book for taken orders. It states:

    “Always hand the wine menu to the man. If it is a group of women, hand the wine menu to the one who appears to be ‘in charge’.”

    I cannot comprehend just how offensive and regressive this is.

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