One rule for the girls, another for the boys


I’ve recently begun hanging out with my boyfriend’s friends (all guys), and I’ve decided that’s been a mistake. Despite thinking for the past few weeks we were getting along great, I realised how wrong I was.

A few nights ago one of the guys had a going away party. My boyfriend and I had been there for a few hours, I’d had a little to drink and was enjoying myself but wanted to talk to my boyfriend about some things on my mind. I took him upstairs and we were followed by jeers and catcalls. I didn’t care and we went into the bathroom to talk. About three minutes later the door was being banged on by some of his friends. I invited them to come in, as we weren’t doing anything suss, but clearly that wouldn’t have been funny so they didn’t.

Spurred on by the playful/reckless behaviour I adopt when I drink, I thought it would be a great joke to go down and play to their suspicions. I went down first, and was greeted by an expectant silence. I smirked and high-fived the guy who had been banging on the door. You know, cause that’s what you do? Or is it just guys? Oh, only guys are allowed to do that and girls aren’t? Right.

I’d never been slut-shamed, and had no idea it could happen when it involves someone I’ve been with for nearly two years and come from people I considered friends, but clearly I didn’t get the memo. I was immediately met with disgust and shit like “Oh man, don’t touch her, you don’t know where it’s been!”

Humiliated and speechless by this reaction, I went outside to get away from them. Moments later, my boyfriend came down the stairs.

Guess what he was met with? Fucking applause.

Thankfully, he’s a wonderful person who took me home soon after when he realised what had happened and how angry and upset I was. I shouldn’t be so surprised and pissed off that everyone else did that though, right? After all, it’s #MFIF

C, Australia


3 Responses to “One rule for the girls, another for the boys”

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  2. corridor7f Says:

    I’m sorry. It’s quite frustrating and upsetting that even the nicest guys seem to go along with horribly sexist behavior with their friends, yet switch to siding with the gf – but only if the gf is visibly upset by something.

    This duality is almost worse than a guy being openly sexist all the time.

  3. zhorken Says:

    Oh, well obviously it would be entirely too gay for them to congratulate you on boinking a guy.

    But seriously, it blows my mind that this happened. :/ Kudos to you for your attempt to play along initially, and to your boyfriend for responding as well as he did.

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