Man who needs feeding


After years of having only crappy minimum wage jobs with no benefits, I finally found an ok job in a major insurance company. For now, it’s an entry-level position in the call center, and my schedule is 1pm to 8:30pm, Monday to Friday.

When I announced it to my mother-in-law, instead of the expected congratulations for finding a job that will finally take me over the poverty line, she said, in shock: “But HOW will my son eat DINNER?” hum… let’s see… he will open the fridge, take out the food, cook it, eat it, rinse his plate, and put it in the dishwasher. But I guess this is no good, after all, my place is at home to cook for my husband all day, even though he has an entry-level job himself, we have no children, and the cost of living in our city is exorbitant. #MFIF

Sophie LB


2 Responses to “Man who needs feeding”

  1. missapathetic Says:

    Wow. That is ridiculous. I’m sorry you had to deal with that BS. Congratulations on the new job too!

  2. hildeG Says:

    Ohhh, poor man. He’ll starve. Or go home to mommy and eat? lol….

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