USA Today’s female fat crisis


USA Today newspaper seems to think that women are clearly the only sex that has to deal with weight/body image issues.

At least once every couple of weeks, they write up a new alarmist article about the “fat crisis” of the United States. Each and every time, guess which sex is used in the picture accommodating the article? You guessed it! A female. Not only do I find it degrading that they would use someone’s picture to accompany such an article (even though the person’s face is not shown), but it just adds to my anger than it is always a woman. Because internet news readers often skip some or most of the article to jump ahead and post their comments, it is clear that many male posters relish with glee at the opportunity to vent their hatred against “fat” American women, while often lauding the elusive, submissive, petite woman supposedly found anywhere except the western world.

Often times these articles actually specifically only talk about how weight affects women. I have yet to see them publish a piece specifically targeting men on this issue.

Clearly, what’s more disturbing than these articles are the men that post on them to spew their bottled-up misogynist views.

Here are some links to articles:

I guess only women have body issues (despite the fact that men and women are overweight at the same rates), and of COURSE we deserve to have our pictures displayed on a national newspaper to accompany an obesity article. Oops, I forgot that women who don’t confirm to the fashion industry’s body standards aren’t supposed to be treated with dignity or respect. Males get off the hook regardless of their size. #MFIF

Fed Up, California


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3 Responses to “USA Today’s female fat crisis”

  1. Branch Monster Says:

    “Males get off the hook regardless of their size.” – I want to say “suuuure they do.” Some of our newspapers are equally sexist about women’s bodies. I want to just stop reading the news some days.

  2. elkballet Says:

    I usually find the comments sections on these articles to be far more enlightening than the articles. I recently went on Amazon for a feminist book and found the purest woman hatred I have ever read. Published right there on Amazon! I was shocked since I thought they moderated.

    and here:

  3. beans91 Says:

    “Pregnant women who gain too much weight may raise child’s obesity risk” – because all women are incubators.

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