Lady lawyers cause confusion


I’m an attorney and I’m involved in a lot of mediations, which are pretty informal proceedings. Last week I had an interesting one. My opposing counsel, a middle-aged woman in a professional skirt and sweater, and her client, a young man in a tie, sat down at the table, and you can probably guess what happened: the mediator started talking to the client as if he was the attorney. The attorney corrected him. “Oh, I bet you get that all the time,” the mediator said.

Later the mediator spoke to each of us separately, and afterwards the other attorney comes up to me and tells me that he’d thought my client (male, of course – and wearing jeans and a hoodie) was also the attorney.

Silly ladies, we can’t be lawyers! That’s unpossible. Guess it’s OFWF.

Claire, California

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One Response to “Lady lawyers cause confusion”

  1. natg989 Says:

    WTF. The mediator should know the name of the attorney beforehand if she actually cared about the case. I’ve been to mediations before, I used to work at a Law Office and I’ve watched the action take place. That is really unprofessional to say “Oh, I bet you get that all the time”. I would have been like, actually no I don’t but THANK YOU for pointing out how UNUSUAL it is for females to be lawyers. Please, like half of females are lawyers nowadays! (My sister’s in law school, she’s a natural HBIC and this makes me quite proud).

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