Helpful boyfriend


My bf and I were hanging out at his place and we hadn’t seen each other in a while, so he was being very sweet and telling me how much he missed me.

He then began telling me how impressed he was at my confidence, specifically when we first were intimate together. I was flattered and thanked him, then mentioned my trick. Just to fake it, even if you are feeling a little self-conscious, which is normal for anyone.

He then asks what I would be self-conscious about. I hem and haw and just say something vague about how it’s a little scary the first time you undress in front of someone and it’s a very vulnerable feeling. Again, part of my secret is to pretend I am 100% happy with my body and not get into specifics, even with myself. Most of the time it works.

Then he offers a suggestion. “Like, maybe you feel like your boobs are too small?”

Thanks, dude. Nice to know you feel that way… or think I should feel that way, rather.

AC, Toronto


3 Responses to “Helpful boyfriend”

  1. Branch Monster Says:

    While a clever retort here is obvious, it wouldn’t be helpful. You deserve to feel happy in your own skin. Whatever you decide about this relationship, I hope you will not let his words drag you down.

    • corridor7f Says:

      Thank you for the support.

      Honestly, he is a very nice guy and my main reason for posting this was because it was so casual and out-of-the-blue. Sexism is very sneaky and seems to infiltrate even the best-intentioned, intelligent people.

      You can be sexist and be a good person simultaneously, it seems.

  2. natg989 Says:

    Yeah I would have dumped him.

    A “very nice guy” would not say your boobs are too small. He may think it, disappointed, but would not verbalize it because he would not want to disrespect his girlfriend.

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