Female pleasure = terrifying


According to this article, a product that is supposed to help women who have sexual difficulties is having trouble receiving advertising. Apparently, most people in the media find “men to be intimidated by the thought of women’s sexuality as independent of a man’s involvement.”

I guess that it’s fine for men to get help in bed, but not so much us women. Must be that its OFWF.

M Ryan


2 Responses to “Female pleasure = terrifying”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Yes, heaven forbid that it takes more than an erect man to get a woman aroused!

    It’s advertising dollars; one would think television networks would be happy to receive any cash willingly sent their way.

  2. mryan91 Says:

    A few days after I found this article, I saw this advert on daytime television http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7oMY6sC7wQ
    Either Trojan has strong PR or the only way they could air it was because of the 2 seconds where there was a guy on the screen.

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