MIL: Men Can’t Feed Themselves


After years of having only crappy minimum wage jobs with no benefits, I finally found an ok job in a major insurance company. For now, it’s an entry-level position in the call center, and my schedule is 1pm to 8:30pm, Monday to Friday. When I announced it to my mother-in-law, instead of the expected congratulations for finding a job that will finally take me over the poverty line, she said, in shock: “But HOW will my son eat DINNER?”

Um… Let’s see… He will open the fridge, take out the food, cook it, eat it, rinse his plate, and put it in the dishwasher. But I guess this is no good, after all, my place is at home to cook for my husband all day, Even though he has an entry-level job himself, we have no children, and the cost of living in our city is exorbitant.



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3 Responses to “MIL: Men Can’t Feed Themselves”

  1. adev0tchka Says:

    Gotta love it. I’d also think this would be insulting to a lot of men, who are perfectly capable of meeting their own immediate needs without a woman’s help.

    I got the same reaction, not from my MIL, but from my own mother. I decided to stay at home and raise my son when he was born, which left my husband with the sole income. When money started to get tight, I started tutoring a few students a week for cash. Since these kids are all in school, the only hours I can work are in the evenings. I’m now up to 2 evenings a week. My mom thinks I’m doing my family a disservice by making my “poor” husband fend for himself, plus take care of the baby and put him to sleep. Her reasoning behind this is that he’s tired when he comes home from work, so he should relax in front of the TV (no, really, she said this) while I take care of everything for him. So even though I’m also tired from everything I do all day, it doesn’t matter because I’m a woman and I’m supposed to keep on working when my man gets home so he can relax. Excuse me while I get his pipe and slippers.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised–this is exactly how my parents’ relationship has always worked, even though they both have always worked full-time. However, I decided long ago that this setup wasn’t for me and my relationship.

    Kudos to you for recognizing this for the BS that it is!

  2. Kristine Says:

    Oh no she didn’t! No way.

    My husband does all the cooking in our house. All of it. When he’s away on business I am the one calling for take out. Since I do all of the cleaning and all of the laundry, this is more than fair. 😛 If his mother ever said something like that I wouldn’t even have to flip out on her because he would do it for me.

    I don’t know why I was so shocked by this; I shouldn’t have been. I guess it’s #MFIF

  3. corridor7f Says:

    I sympathise – I come from a similar background and have to get a second job starting next year.

    I currently have a bf (we don’t live together) – who, while first was upset we wouldn’t be able to spend as much time together, is supportive of my decision.

    I also had an older, female family member chime in with some unwanted opinions.

    She told me that I should “keep an eye on him” once I do get that second job. I was confused. She elabourated: “Well, men are men and they have needs.”

    So yes, she insulted us both quite neatly there.

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