Looks vs Intelligence


Years ago during my first year at university, I was having trouble writing a paper for a politics class and I went to the (highly respected) professor’s office to ask for some guidance.

He spent less than 5 minutes addressing my questions and then dismissed me by saying, “I really don’t think you need to worry about this so much.  Someone as good looking as you will do just fine.”

I was too flustered to respond, muttered “thank you” and walked out.

It’s been 8 years and I’m happy to say that I’ve channeled my anger into creating an arsenal of responses for all subsequent events of this nature.  I’ve never passed up an opportunity to use them.  How many other women did he demean like that?  Oh wait, I’m sorry.  It’s #MFIF

Just a useless female student, USA


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One Response to “Looks vs Intelligence”

  1. adev0tchka Says:

    Professors like this really get under my skin.

    I’ve had something similar happen to me. I got married during my last semester as an undergrad, and one day I met with the professor who was overseeing my independent project. I don’t remember his exact words, but he made a comment that was something like, “Won’t your husband be disappointed that you’ll be spending so much time on campus finishing your project? I would be worried if my wife was spending so much time away from home if she was as attractive as you.” A few thoughts immediately popped into my head:

    – This professor has known me since my first day of freshman year. I’d spent a lot of long days/evenings on campus throughout my 4 years, and I was dating my husband during all that time and there was never an issue. In fact, he was going to school, too, so we both knew what it was like to be busy and wouldn’t see a whole lot of each other sometimes. But now that I’m married, it’s suddenly an issue?
    – Since I’m spending long hours away from home, that means that my husband must think I’m up to no good…cheating on him, perhaps?
    – AND, If I wasn’t attractive, then does that mean he has nothing to worry about? WTF?
    – I also started wondering why he wasn’t married. Maybe he couldn’t find a woman who tolerated his POV on this subject. Or maybe the women he knew refused to stop pursuing an education because of marriage.

    I wish that it hadn’t been too late in the semester to switch professors to oversee my project.

    Unfortunately, they’re all out there, on every college campus, and it’s OFWF.

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