Small and proud


I recently went wedding dress shopping. I tried one of the cheaper dress stores, hoping to avoid spending major money.

Now, I should mention something: I have itty bitty breasts. I’m OK with that. In my entire life I’ve only purchased one bra because I just can’t find them in my size. Granted I don’t shop much, as I’ve been laughed at three times by bra sales employees in my life for mentioning my size. Anyway….

So I try on dresses. It seemed like the standard breast size for this store in my dress size was a D. This makes sense I figure, since it’s easier to take away material than add it, right? So I ask them about it, because it is so much material that needed to be removed.

The saleslady told me to stuff the dress. I let her know I’m not willing to do that. I’m tiny. That’s the way I am. I don’t want to pretend I’m something I’m not. But, she insists. So I tell her again I’m not interested. I want the dress to be flattened to me. We go back and forth in this, and I’m just confused why this saleslady is arguing with me over what I want and am willing to pay for. Finally, she says OK, and looks for more dresses.

Once I find a cute one though, the argument begins again. She tries to convince me to stuff the dress, get a push up with padding, everything and anything to make me appear larger breasted. She offers to include some padding for free with the dress. She just can’t understand I want to appear how I am: small.

Needless to say, I didn’t buy a dress from her. Heaven forbid I have small breasts and am damn proud of it and refuse to go larger. MFIF.

Steph, USA

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10 Responses to “Small and proud”

  1. compassionisinvincible Says:

    i had the same sort of experience when i was shopping for my wedding dress last year. the second dress i tried on ended up being The One, and it fit perfectly, except in the chest (i too have small breasts). the saleslady told me i should have “cutlet” inserts so i could fill out the dress more. i told her that i didn’t want to have faux breasts, as i was perfectly happy with my body the way it is. she brought me the cutlets anyway, and then told me i should have wear them so “i look nice for my husband.” i told her that my husband-to-be loved me for the way i am, and again, told her i didn’t want the cutlets, or a push-up bra, or sewed-in faux boobs or anything.

    i ended up buying the dress anyway because i loved it, and i got it altered. turned out perfectly.

    • notemily Says:

      Cutlets? That sounds disgusting! Like you have pieces of chicken in your bra.

      • popesuburban Says:

        Yeah, I did a spit-take when I first heard the term. It puts me in mind of having raw chicken stuffed into your bodice, and that’s basically the opposite of comfortable/sexy/flattering.

  2. jesurgislac Says:

    Good for you!

    God, I cannot understand how someone can be that anxious not to make a sale.

    I’m not into the whole wedding shebang myself, but it’s your party (well, and your groom’s!) and you should get to have your dress how you want it. Trying to get you to stuff the top of your dress is like telling a tall bride she can’t wear heels because she’ll look taller than the groom!

  3. siobhancecilia Says:

    I used to always have a problem when buying dresses for school formals and such, except the opposite – I was a size 12E (Australian) and found it impossible to find anything that would fit. I was always told to strap them down or “bind” them so I would fit the dress. I had a breast reduction a year ago due to back problems, and am now a B cup, and get told that I should pad dresses or wear padded bras. Apparently, you can’t win either way.

  4. bright24 Says:

    Can you imagine your prospective husband being told by the salespeople that his trousers were too roomy because his penis was too small, and that they would get him some chicken fillets to sort that out?!!

    Like siobhancecelia says, you literally cannot win either way. But that’s the whole idea: the goalposts are moved constantly so that you are always trying to ‘fix’ yourself!

  5. corridor7f Says:

    Even if you weren’t smaller breasted, some women don’t like to show a ton of cleavage in their wedding dress. Sheesh.

    The few times I went to get a dress and have dealt with sales associates, I was told, “…but you don’t want to look like a little girl, do you?”.

    In my opinion, stuffing / cutletting / pushing up every ounce of breast flesh is what makes you look younger. Younger and insecure and uncomfortable with your body. No thanks.

    Also, all that engineering and manipulating is not comfortable.

  6. adev0tchka Says:

    The nerve of that saleswoman! I probably would have just put my clothes back on and walked right out.

    It’s so frustrating when other women perpetuate these so-called ideals in appearance. Your husband didn’t propose to you because he can’t wait for you to walk down the aisle flaunting perfectly round C cups, so why should she have bothered making such a big deal about it and not listening to you, the customer? It’s ridiculous.

  7. aquatea Says:

    Gah, I remember when I got my wedding dress I could not for the life of me get the saleswoman to understand why I didn’t want to wear a corset. The whole industry is so messed up

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