Halloween: not a good time to be a boy dressed like a girl


His fault he is male!

A little boy dressing up as a female for Halloween? NOT OK it seems. While sexy costumes and male costumes for girls are ok, wanting to look female for a day seems ridiculous for a boy.




5 Responses to “Halloween: not a good time to be a boy dressed like a girl”

  1. mryan91 Says:

    I am really glad this little boy has such an understanding mother. The costume is quite adorable and those mothers had no business commenting the way they did. Halloween is supposed to be fun and imaginative and they are stifling that. I feel sorry for any sons that they might have.

  2. corridor7f Says:

    Very brave mother and son. Hearing about adults making verbal judgments made me really upset.

    You cannot “make someone gay”. Every time I hear someone say that, part of me dies.

    As Boo’s mom said, even if he is gay, who cares? It sounds like she’ll love him regardless.

  3. adev0tchka Says:

    I loved that post. Boo’s costume was amazing with all its attention to detail. It amazes me that all the uproar it caused boils down to the fact that the child wearing the costume has a penis instead of a vagina. Big deal. I applaud that family’s bravery to just not give a shit what others think.

  4. vivster81 Says:

    I reposted the Nerdy Apple Bottom blog on my FB, but I thought I would re-post my comment here too, as I am quite angered by this… I have a two year old and it is people like A, B & C above who make him say things like “I don’t want the pink bib mommy, pink is for girls”

    How do we fight the ingrained sexism in our societies? Little 5 year olds (or 2 year olds!!!) shouldn’t already have these notions in their heads…

  5. Tom Says:

    “i’m not worried that their son will grow up to be an actual ninja.”

    Awesome, there should be more mothers this brave. It shouldn’t take bravery but it really does when other people are Like this.
    When my son was three he loved his pink flowery wellies, then the kids at nursery made fun of him and he wouldn’t wear them again.

    Tom, UK

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