Nutritionist – that’s a cook right?


I am a registered dietitian and and work at a hospital. I not only hold a bachelor’s degree, but am a few short months from a master’s degree and several specialty advanced certifications.  I have done research and business as well as acute care and home care.  I was recently discussing the care of a critically ill patient in the hospital regarding feedings with a physician.  As I tried to explain that the current “physician settings” were not recommended but that I could recommend more appropriate settings (explaining the research as to WHY). HE (of course, right?) said “I have a patient who is complaining about his mashed potatoes, do they have salt?”  Shocked by being so rudely interrupted I said “I don’t know, I don’t work in the kitchen,” he was surprised and said “you dont?”.  He said “I thought this nutrition thing was a home-ec type degree women get so that they can still have husbands and babies…”

Ummmm….no.  Its a sceince based degree.  After further explaining that I am neither a nurse (completely different profession) nor a cook, he negelected to further discuss the patient’s care.  This does not even touch on the fact that I dont not only dont have a husband or kids, but want neither for myself.  Well I guess women are only supposed to want to go to school to get husband, end up in “mommy-track” careers and do “home-ec” type degrees working in a kitchen.  #MFIF


5 Responses to “Nutritionist – that’s a cook right?”

  1. jesurgislac Says:

    What a stupid bastard. So he was more interested in emphasising how he, as a doctor, was WAY more important than you, than in providing care to his patients.

  2. kktwain Says:

    He’s an idiot then, for not knowing what a nutritionist/dietitian is in the first place. Seriously. I would NOT want him to be my physician.

    On a side note, that actually sounds like a very cool career, it’s something I’d be mildly interested in doing myself.

  3. raimutron Says:

    I don’t want to nitpick, but that’s ‘science’ misspelled right there. I wouldn’t nag, but such a typo in that crowning statement sticks out like a sore thumb. As for the guy – what an ignoramus!

  4. ivvynb Says:

    How can that guy be a doctor without knowing what a nutritionist is?

  5. popesuburban Says:

    Doctor complex with a side of misogyny. Delightful. I hope his patients or their families are savvy enough to ask questions of him or other physicians, since he’s pretty clearly checked out and unwilling to listen to information that could save lives.

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