Braless tales


About a year ago I ditched my bras.  I don’t like wearing them, or what they represent.  And for all that time I’ve got along fine at work with no problems or embarrassment (I work in an office but we all wear matching suits which include a shirt).
Most of the time I just wear the shirt with nothing on underneath, more comfy that way and keeps me cool, and it covers “everything” up in a  professional, suitable-for-the-workplace way.  So far so good.  But the other day, I did the unthinkable for a lady, and Bent Over!  Thus allowing my shirt collar to hang open  (very slightly, oh for about 2 seconds) just long enough for the guy who was standing right over me, facing me, and watching me to catch an eyeful!  But the main point of my story is that the guy saw that it was appropriate to come over to me a few minutes later and tell me that I should really wear a bra or something more modest like a t-shirt or vest because people came see down my shirt!

So he looks down my shirt, he does not turn away nor keep himself to himself, and of course thinks it’s ok to give me his opinions on what I should wear in the office?!  I was so cross!

I must have forgotten that as women we are meant to take every precaution not to let any man see down our top, ever, even if he is looking, and standing directly over us, even if we are issued uniform shirts and have no choice but to wear that style, and should we dare, DARE, to go brafree, we must punish ourselves for our audacity by making ourselves hot and sweaty by wearing a vest or tee-shirt underneath our shirts – should an innocent male happen to by facing his eyes in the direction of our chests and catch a peek.  MFIF.



7 Responses to “Braless tales”

  1. snooj Says:

    Wow, how rude! I find when women bend over with a bra, you can still sometimes see everything anyway!

    Why on earth would anyone even take time out of their day to tell someone to wear a bra? What’s in it for him? So weird.

  2. jesurgislac Says:

    Report him to your manager. Or to human resources, if that’ll work better. And to your union, if you belong to one.

    Don’t get into your wearing or not-wearing a bra. Just say you bent over, you caught him looking, obviously *that* isn’t a crime – BUT he then made comments to you about your personal appearance, right after he knew you knew he was looking. What you were wearing under your office shirt is nobody’s business but yours: he had no business commenting on your personal appearance, and especially not in a way that made you uncomfortable.

    (If HE brings up his opinion that you weren’t wearing a bra and you should have been, that’s going to make him look even worse. You just say you caught him looking, then he made a comment about your personal appearance that made you feel very uncomfortable, especially as you knew he had been looking.)

    Seriously, Jenna: I don’t know where you live but most places have laws against workplace harassment, and all good employers, whether or not there’s a law, work to prevent harassment by employees of other employes.

  3. raimutron Says:

    This event had me thinking of an somebody accosting a man for leaving his buttock cleavage exposed when crouching to get his shoelaces done. How would we react?

    • sitakali Says:

      I would probably look away, but certainly wouldn’t be offended by it.

      • gloinson Says:

        There is vital information missing here: how formal is the workplace.

        At a very formal workplace you wouldn’t look just look away if you glanced a peek at the belly of your undershirt-less coworker or the said buttocks. You’d say one or two words to him, in case he did not notice the grade of formality.

    • sitakali Says:

      gloinson: Well no, I wouldn’t, because I don’t give a damn about dress codes.

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