$10 label


When I was still in high school I used to busk to earn money. I usually played my flute outside the local supermarket, and people walking past me would put money in my hat. Most people treated me really well when I was busking, but some people didn’t respect me, they treated me as if I was just begging for money.

One day when I was sixteen years old several teenage boys came out of the supermarket. One of them approached me while I was busking, and the others walked ahead. I expected the guy who was approaching to give me some money or say something nice about my music. Instead he said, “Give you $10 if you kiss me?” His comment caught me off guard & I blushed hard, feeling humiliated. He smiled and said, “Just kidding,” and went to join his mates who were watching and laughing at me. I tried to keep busking but I felt deflated and insecure because of what had happened, so I went home early.

I was a female who was busking (‘begging for money’), therefore it was okay for a guy to make a joke about purchasing me in some way… I guess it’s #MFIF.

Amelia, New Zealand

One Response to “$10 label”

  1. jesurgislac Says:

    You were performing, and doing well I’m sure – and they found themselves listening to and enjoying music performed by a girl. Being the audience.

    This is one of those times when it’s rabidly clear sexual harassment is a way of putting a woman “in her place” – putting her down for being, in patriarchal terms, “uppity”.

    I love Janis Ian:

    Now all over this big wide world,
    I play like a girl
    From the California lights to the Serengetti nights
    I play like a girl

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