Amendment 62 in Colorado, USA


It ha recently come to my attention that in Colorado an ‘amendment’ is trying to be legalized.

An anti-abortion amendment is not very surprising, and this is very similar to Colorado’s Amendment 48 (to which 73% voted ‘no’).

In more specifics, absolutely no abortions are legal. This includes pregnancy by rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is in danger if she carries the births the full-grown child.

If that wasn’t restrictive enough, any contraceptive methods to stop pregnancies are going to be made illegal if they are not a barrier method.

So let’s get this straight: not only does the female have no choice in having the baby, she must carry it in the most extreme situations, which could be emotionally traumatic or result in physical problems or death, but she cannot use the Pill and other non-barrier methods (which is usually a female choice to my understanding), even if legally subscribed by a doctor for a medical reason other than birth control? Guess it’s #OFWF.



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8 Responses to “Amendment 62 in Colorado, USA”

  1. sitakali Says:

    This is absolutely horrific, though I can’t honestly believe this would pass. Unless the US wants to go back to the Dark Ages.

    • skyhawkmkiv Says:

      I guess they think that those persnickety womenfolk just can’t control themselves.

      Note: Think about that last part with a condescending deep south accent. It really drives the “Dark Age” idea home, doesn’t it?

      • laurabeerotten Says:

        I know that you probably didn’t mean it this way, but on such a forward thinking blog, equating the deep south to the dark ages really isn’t fair. I’m a well-educated woman from the south and it really bugs me how eager everyone is to paint the south as a land of ignorant hicks. There is ignorance everywhere. And hicks, too. You just have to look harder to find them other places.

        This isn’t directly at you, but I think all of us need to work harder at eliminating generalizations, myself included. Sometimes I feel like we are a-okay with not allowing some things to be stereotyped but allowing others. It’s not okay, across the board.

        Back on topic, I feel for Colorado women if this is passed.

  2. piewackett1 Says:

    Who sponsored this? NARAL and other pro-choice orgs probably have petitions. Phone calls work well too.
    I’m too sick now, but may very well call though it isn’t my state. I call, email and harass all these bastards.
    Too bad for them. Tee hee blech.

  3. junebug1986 Says:

    I’m not surprised by the abortion part of this amendment at all. A lot of U.S. states have been trying to pass crap like this in recent elections, and it fortunately usually does not go through.

    However, I looked at the amendment and I can’t find anything about non-barrier contraceptives being outlawed. I believe the amendment basically wants a law to be passed that will define an independent “person” as soon as an egg is fertilized. Since contraceptives such as the pill prevent fertilization from happening in the first place, I can’t see how they can be counted as an “abortion”.

    I’m not positive, but I believe there was some kind of national law passed back in the 60s that made it illegal for any state government to prevent women or men from obtaining contraceptives.

    Skyhawk, Colorado is not a part of the South, although it is a red state. This law is pretty scary since I always considered Colorado to be rather progressive compared to other red states.

    • popesuburban Says:

      They’re working on changing that, because I guess even being relatively progressive is a dirty thing these days. For what it’s worth, they tried this same amendment two years ago and it overwhelmingly failed right off the bat. I’m not so optimistic this year, but at least there’s a history of people seeing through this particular bullshit.

  4. aschedjidoi Says:

    Isn’t this already unconstitutional under both Griswold v. Connecticut AND Eisenstadt v. Baird?

    And shouldn’t people familiarize themselves with the law before trying to write new laws, so that they don’t waste their time?

  5. elkballet Says:

    Let’s not forget that when it comes to reproduction women AREN’T human. We are only incubators. This is important to remember, because incubators can’t die. So it makes no sense to these crazy people to say, but what if the mother will die? Because an incubator can’t die. Therefore the supposed life of the mother is in jeopardy, it simply doesn’t make sense that the fetus wouldn’t go on developing. Or maybe in their mind any woman who gets pregnant should know the risks ahead of time and if she so chooses to engage in this sick act of copulation, she DESERVES to die (it really doesn’t matter what the equal participating man does, since men are invincible). Though it’s not exactly news that religion is one of the worst oppressors of women on Earth, and this is just the easiest point to poke with a stick.

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