Thought Australia was pro-choice?


A couple are facing trial in North QLD Australia for having an abortion. This is based on 111 year old laws. This is crazy.

I guess it’s our fault for wanting to decide what to do with our own bodies. I should have remembered women are public property. I guess it #MFIF


2 Responses to “Thought Australia was pro-choice?”

  1. yonmei Says:

    I tweeted about this and one of my twitlist pointed out to me that the story about the couple being about to face trial actually dates from July: on 14th October, they were both acquitted.

    Brisbane Times:

    A Cairns District Court jury took less than an hour to find Tegan Simone Leach, 21, and her partner Sergie Brennan not guilty of charges of procuring an abortion and supplying drugs to procure an abortion following a three-day trial.

    The couple were charged after police found empty blister packets of abortion drugs RU486 and Misoprostol during a search of their home on an unrelated matter in February last year.

    Maybe the post could be updated to reflect this?

  2. Sarah Says:

    Queensland is full of rednecks. I read about this at the time and was shocked to find out that abortion is illegal there except when the mother’s health is in danger. Some other Australian states have similar laws, while others do allow abortion. In a way I couldn’t believe it – I thought it was only the US and Ireland that are so backwards.

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