Girls deserve guitars… but only if they’re hot


I was rocking out to Paramore (a popular rock band which happens to be all-women) on the radio the other day, and after the song was over the DJ felt the need to disseminate his opinion. “You know, they’re not bad, for a chick band,” he said. That was bad enough, but then he went on to say, “Of course, I may be biased because they’re hot.”

So, to review: we girls can’t expect to be taken seriously by or compete with men, but that’s okay – we still have the only quality that anyone ever thinks is valuable in us, our sex appeal!

…I don’t listen to that radio station anymore. Paramore still rocks, even if it’s #TFTF.

RB, Herndon, VA


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13 Responses to “Girls deserve guitars… but only if they’re hot”

  1. CityOnFire Says:

    Paramore is an all-men band with the exception of Hayley Williams right? Or is there another Paramore band which I’m not familiar with?

    Btw, I hate the word “chick” if it’s used as a reference to females. Same goes with the label “chick lit”. I don’t understand why even well-established bookstores have a section named “chick lit”.

  2. hollium Says:

    Paramore are one girl (Hayley Williams) and four dudes who aren’t important because they’re guys – at least, that’s the impression I tend to get from Paramore fans, especially males.

  3. drnigh Says:

    Is it the same uber-popular Paramore? Or another band that happens to share the name? If it is Haley-Williams-Paramore, then she’s the only part of the band who is female. You should also point that out to said DJ, maybe he’s insinuating that he finds both male and females hot….?

  4. glambam Says:

    Paramore is only fronted by a woman. The other four members are men.

    • sitakali Says:

      That’s interesting. So the DJ thinks the men are hot too. Perhaps he should check his sources before making such a trollish statement about “women” in the band.

  5. junebug1986 Says:

    That’s how it is with a lot of men. Certain things are “okay” for a woman to do only if she is hot.

    Examples: Only hot lesbians are okay, only hot female athletes should get attention, women in college should be hot, it’s okay for a female to commit a crime if she is hot, it doesn’t matter if a woman is a bad actress as long as she is hot, only hot women are allowed to wear revealing or flattering clothes, etc, etc.

  6. junebug1986 Says:

    Oh, I forgot to add: if you ever call out a man in on this fact then you are of course fat, jealous, ugly, etc.

  7. CityOnFire Says:

    Why is my comment still awaiting moderation while new comments have been approved?

  8. atozinco Says:

    I really think you should email a complaint to the radio station because what that man said is really horrible (I think he offended a lot more people than just you because 50% of his listeners are girls who love music, and many of them will play the guitar).

    Paramore is a hugely well-respected band. I don’t listen to Paramore much myself (not really my thing) but the lead singer, Hayley, can play guitar very well. Paramore shouldn’t be so quickly dismissed as an (inferior) “girls” band. Lots of guys love listening to them too.

    I have four brothers, and three of them like Paramore. My 21-year-old brother listens to it on his Ipod, and it is my 12-year-old brother’s favourite band. Paramore is also my 16-year-old brother’s favourite “girl” band (unfortunately, his attitude is a lot like that of the radio host: he never listens to the female singers on his ipod because he thinks that women can’t make good music).

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