This story is dedicated to all the stay-at-home moms out there, as well as the devoted dads who sometimes get the short end of the stick.

Recently I, my husband, and our infant son went over to my parents’ house for a holiday dinner. While dinner was being cleared off the table and we were all waiting for dessert, my aunt and I were playing with my son in his high chair. She asked me all about my life with him at home and how I liked being a stay-at-home mom. I told her that it was difficult, but that I love being with him and feel that I made the right decision by staying at home for the time being. My husband then walked into the room to take him to be changed. Since our son was being fussy while being pulled out of his high chair, my aunt asked my husband, “Does he even know you?”

My husband froze and asked, “What the hell do you mean by that?”

My aunt: “Well, you’re gone all day and the only person he ever sees is his mother.”

My husband and I were so taken aback and offended we didn’t speak another word to her the rest of the evening.

I guess since I stay at home, that means that my son only knows me and no one else, and that I am completely alone in caring for him.

I guess since my husband works outside the home, that means that he doesn’t take part in caring for the baby and that he has no relationship whatsoever with his son.

I guess it’s #MFIF and #HFHM.

RA, Chicago


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2 Responses to “Absenteeism”

  1. popesuburban Says:

    I’ve been an orphan all this time and didn’t know! Since, y’know, both my parents worked and all. I guess all the time I spent with both of them didn’t really count. Shame.

  2. piewackett1 Says:

    Alzheimer’s? People say mean weird shot out of the blue when they have it. One can get it at 50 (egad)
    If not, not excuse.

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