A gem of a story


I have worked in a well known high street jewellers in the UK for over 2 years now. I have worked in several shops within the chain and all 4 of the managers I have had, all the assistant managers and all but one of the supervisors have been female. The jewellery sector is generally female dominated and as far as I can tell people are not surprised to be served by a woman when they come into a jewellers, in fact, in many cases men expect this and want a “woman’s opinion”. However, many times I have encountered customers (male and female) who ask to speak to the manager and appear surprised when I call over my female manager.

It could be argued that this is just my own perception so I wouldn’t generally comment but recently there was one occasion where the (male) customer asked to speak to the manager so I called her over only for him to say: “NO! I asked to speak to the MANAGER.” and point to the only man I work with, who is in fact not my superior and actually has less experience than me.

Clearly even with a massive female workforce the managers must all be men and the only reason I called a woman over is that I stupidly misheard the customer. #MFIF

R, Scotland


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3 Responses to “A gem of a story”

  1. piewackett1 Says:

    “It could be argued that this is just my own perception”

    There’s no need for this. First of all you are right. Secondly your whole work could be argued with, as could anyone’s.

    Trust yourself and your perceptions. They are right on. Good eye on the patriarchy’s evil ways at work.

  2. elkballet Says:

    Ugh no this isn’t just your perception. That makes my stomach churn. Men feel like women can’t be authoritative or in charge. It makes them uncomfortable. If I had a nickel for every time someone said something to a woman like, “wow you’ve made it so far! And as a woman!” Or something like that I’d be rich.

  3. user123123 Says:

    Well, obviously a manager is always going to be a man, since you can’t spell manager without “MAN,” right?
    But really..what if that’s how they think…? 😀

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