Who’s the real winner here?


Today, I won a Freewheel cycling competition, by a considerable margin.

The announcement went like this: “P won the Freewheel, and Katie gets the Women’s Trophy”

I will get the Women’s Freewheel Trophy, because I was the best woman. Fine.
The runner up will get the Freewheel Trophy, because he is not female, and he was the next best rider.

I have an issue with this: by definition, because the Freewheel Trophy has simply “Freewheel Trophy” engraved upon it, it is the trophy for the overall winner.

Also! I WON. But, P was announced as winning, as if my doing better than everyone else is negated by the fact I don’t have a dick.

Logically, I ought to get both the women’s trophy and the overall trophy. I would actually be quite happy to accept just the Freewheel Trophy, and allow the Women’s Trophy to go to the runner-up woman, or better still, demand that the Women’s Trophy be renamed “freewheel champion: opposite sex” so it can go to the bloke who came second to me.

I mentioned this in the pub after the competition, the person in charge kept quite a stony expression on his face and very strongly implied that I will only get the women’s trophy, and the runner-up will be declared the winner because he is male and I am not.




17 Responses to “Who’s the real winner here?”

  1. jesurgislac Says:

    …if there’s one trophy for the overall winner, which is you, and one trophy for the best woman, which is also you, indeed, why were you not getting both trophies?

    Besides the sexist git who announced and awarded the trophies, you have to wonder about the kind of guy who would accept a trophy that makes it look like he won when he knows damn well he came a long, long way second.

  2. Doomed Lapels Says:

    What is this I don’t even.

    That is utterly ridiculous.

  3. jesurgislac Says:

    Today, I won a Freewheel cycling competition, by a considerable margin.

    The announcement went like this: “P won the Freewheel, and Katie gets the Women’s Trophy”

    I went away and googled to see if I could find out where/who this Freewheel Trophy git comes from, but (perhaps intentionally) insufficient information is provided.

    If that’s how the win was announced, the guy running the contest actually lied. Never mind who got the trophy (though it was petty not to give you the overall trophy) P didn’t win the Freewheel: he came second.

    • tajasel Says:

      It was a member group of the Cyclists Touring Club. (Unfortunately the CTC can’t do very much about what their member groups get up to when running competitions if they’re not sponsored by CTC, as is the case here.)

      • jesurgislac Says:

        Discrimination is still illegal.

        I don’t think sueing the group is any kind of good idea. But poiting to the Cyclists Touring Club that one of their member groups is engaging in unlawful discrimination by denying the winner of the race their prize, when the winner is female, is something worth doing.

        When there’s a trophy intended for the overall winner, but the overall winner is always denied it if they are female, this is exactly as unlawful as it would be if the overall winner was denied their trophy because they were black, or gay, or Catholic.

        The CTC may not be able to do anything more than write to your club to tell them that if they continue to discriminate they can’t be a member group of the CTC any more – but that by itself may be something worth talking about at the AGM, if you write off to the CTC about it right away.

        If the club have to decide “Do we value denying the overall trophy to women MORE than we value being a group member of the CTC?” that might clarify things. Hopefully, it’s only a tiny handful of the membership who care that much about making sure only men get overall trophies….

  4. jenniferengland Says:

    I’ve been in races where they had one set of men’s trophies, for first, second and third, and one set of women’s. I don’t see why they couldn’t do that.

    • tajasel Says:

      The club holding the competition/giving prizes is quite small and can’t really afford lots of trophies. Playing on that, as I don’t have the trophy yet, a motion is being submitted to the club AGM at the end of October to scrap the women’s trophy and give the overall trophy to the overall winner.

      (Of note: the women’s trophy was originally created five years ago so that they didn’t have to give the overall trophy to a woman – ironically, that woman was my mother.)

  5. flossiesdoll Says:

    They could have done. But they had a winner’s trophy only available to men, and a women’s trophy. So even though a woman won the whole race, beating all the men and all the other women, she doesn’t get the winner’s trophy, just the women’s.

    • tajasel Says:

      The overall trophy had a plaque on it which reads “Freewheel Winner”. It does not read “Men’s Freewheel Winner”. As a result, one would rightly assume that it should go to the winner, regardless of the sex of that person.
      In actual fact, it always goes to a man, regardless of whether or not the man actually won, and that is the problem here. If it said “Men’s Freewheel Winner”, always giving it to the best man (even if they’re not the best rider) would be acceptable; it does not.

      There’s also the side issue that this trophy, as it has all the recipients names engraved upon it, is a record of winners past. If it is not awarded to the actual winner, then the records are effectively being falsified.

  6. gloinson Says:

    One of the few times where “sue them” comes to my mind.

  7. jesurgislac Says:

    Gloinson, I’d say that it would be way more effective to write an article for the local newspaper: a funny one. Not attacking anyone – just making ostensibly-friendly mock of the organiser who thought that because there was an overall Trophy and a woman’s trophy, that means when the winner’s a woman, she can’t get the overall Trophy. Making a joke of the organiser’s decision in a local newspaper is probably the best way of ensuring, locally, he never makes a decision like that again and he learns to regret he ever did make that decision….

  8. celdazero Says:

    I agree that an article to the local newspaper is a good idea. It will shame them and rightfully so. The winner is the winner, regardless if they’re a man or woman. Only insecure idiots would try to deny that. Imagine if they had a “Cycling Winner” and a “Asian Tropy” for the Asian that came in first. Reason being they don’t want to give the overall trophy to an Asian.

  9. My fault- I’m female | Grease Rag Ride & Wrench Says:

    […] Who’s the real winner here? […]

  10. flossiesdoll Says:

    And then if an Asian wins by beating everyone, not just all the other Asians, they still only get the Asian trophy

  11. piewackett1 Says:

    Outrageous! What a complete sham. What steps did you take if any?

    What sore losers!

    There is a clear difference between the overall trophy with all the past names engraved and a long history, and the improvised last second ersatz one to give to a women in place of the real thing.
    Separate and UNequal. (Is that joke too American?)

  12. elkballet Says:

    You should go to the press with this. It’s disgusting that they did that. You should seriously get the press involved with this and take them down. Seriously. Sue the crap out of them. This makes my blood boil and it didn’t even happen to me.

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