It’s a man mortgage. Sorry.


I have a mortgage. I am also married. My husband’s name is not on the mortgage (long, complicated story). But whenever my bank calls, they call MY cellphone, asking to speak to my husband about MY (not our, MY) mortgage. When I point out that it is MY (not our, MY) mortgage and that I am the person to talk to, they tell me, “Oh yes, your name is also on there, but we still need to talk to your husband about this.” Well, I won’t worry my pretty little head about my mortgage then, since my bank clearly knows better and doesn’t discuss things with females. MFIF.



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5 Responses to “It’s a man mortgage. Sorry.”

  1. Red Says:

    This is actually illegal. Banks cannot legally speak to any person not on the account/mortgage/loan about details of said account/mortgage/loan. I know your husband probably gets told everything anyway, but you could actually sue them for disclosing information to him…might help pay off your house!

  2. jesurgislac Says:


    If you live in the UK, it’s actually a legal effect of marriage/civil partnership that the spouse – even if their name is not on the mortgage or the lease – has a right of residence in the marital home: if you were to plan on selling your home, you’d need your husband’s consent to do that, just as if his name were the only one on the mortgage, he’d need your consent.

    But if his name’s not on the mortgage and his income was not assessed as part of what was leant you, they shouldn’t be trying to call him for day-to-day decision. Getting consent to sell the marital home is a one-signature/one-interview decision: it’s not an ongoing series of decisions.

    Anyone you can complain to at the bank? Or the bank ombudsman?

  3. fiona888 Says:

    If you’re in the UK it’s also a breach of the data protection act.

  4. Fred Says:

    I don’t know whether you can name the bank here, but I’d love to know who is doing this.

  5. itbeasin Says:

    I was organising my mortgage over the phone and had to go to a branch to sign the mortageg papers. The muppet working in the branch thought the man in head office organising my mortgage was my husband! Apparently you can’t get a mortgage if you are a single female (even if you’re a white professional). MFIF.

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