Voici le patron(nne!)


I work in a clothes store. My colleague and I and both women, and young. It’s hard for people to believe that we are actually in charge there, so we are often asked “Where is your boss ?” In French, nouns are gendered, and when then ask where my boss is, you can guess that they all ask for my male boss. (We do have one though but he takes care of many stores and lets us run this place, so people never actually get to see him, or know about him, they just assume)

There used to be a guy working with us but he was fired, but people keep asking for him wheneve they need advice on men’s clothes, which I can provide even better than him. Most of the time they just look disappointed and ask “Is he coming back ?”

We actually got in a fight with that guy when he started working with us because he didn’t see why he should also do the cleaning job such as hoovering and mopping the floor, which we do twice a week, and “which we did much better than him because we were used to doing it at home”. Well, I guess, MFIF

GP, France

3 Responses to “Voici le patron(nne!)”

  1. redreplicant Says:

    Maybe now that he’s unemployed your former co-worker can brush up on his mopping and vacuuming skills.

  2. bright24 Says:


  3. scrivener212 Says:

    And maybe the only work he can get is cleaning. 😉

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