Spanish suburban story


My mother is a doctor with a small, successful practice in a suburb. She went to the local bank to get a bank account that would be used to keep some of the clinic’s money. The bankers knew she was married and they had my father’s data, so without her knowledge, made it a joint bank account. I’ll say that again: she opened a bank account for her business and found out my father was a co-holder. She didn’t remove my father from the account, but she was very upset.

That was a few years ago. Now, the bank’s office has a new employee who is phoning or writing to my father to ask for his authorisation every time my mother wants to make any operation with that account. Normally, a co-holder’s signature is only required to close the account, and no operation that we know of requires telephonic consent. Apparently nobody told that new employee that married women can make use of their own money. #MFIF

A daughter in Spain.


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One Response to “Spanish suburban story”

  1. scrivener212 Says:

    Your mother or her co-workers haven’t requested the bank to take the new worker by the ear and explain the facts of doing business? Or requested the bank to correct the error now that it’s become an active pain in the behind?

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