Not a game


Today is game day at my university so, naturally, hundreds of people are walking around loud and drunk. When I was walking to the library in an attempt to find a quiet place to do homework, a man leaped out from behind a bush and yelled loudly. I jumped off the path, terrified, but then he merely smirked at me and walked back to his friends who all started laughing. Apparently, making a game off of a woman’s fear of being sexually assaulted is now a male bonding experience. But what can I say? It’s #MFIF.

Bella Shea
Corvallis, Oregon


4 Responses to “Not a game”

  1. hollymar Says:

    Ugh. This is how I respond to rape jokes. I say, with a straight face: “That was hilarious. I love it when people make rape jokes. Rape is just so funny!” and I walk away. People either look ashamed, or (the ones who had a) never stopped to think of it or b) maybe agreed but didn’t say anything) look relieved and start laughing.

  2. bright24 Says:

    What a bunch of knobheads. I hope you’re ok.
    This goes into the infinite black box of men’s great jokes (womens’ stories about how a group of of men has used them to enforce their masculinity through assault and harassment). The laughing is what burns me, which is why I took up taekwon do…:D

  3. Branch Monster Says:

    This is just one example of one reason why I don’t like being around drunk people – it often seems to me that drunk men think they can behave however they want to toward women.

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    […] that make our world a more hostile place to live in. The other day one of my stories was published here on MFIF. Now I wish I had the courage to stand up to […]

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