Giving the (Ring) Finger


While getting my nails manicured, the manicurist noticed a ring on my left ring finger. It was a silver band, engraved with the name of my alma mater. The manicurist asked me if I was married. I told her I was not.

She then asked why I wore a ring on that finger. She proceeded to explain that if men saw a ring on my finger, they would not ask me, and thus, “You will never get married! Don’t wear a ring there!”

Um, okay. First of all, it is none of her business what my marital status is or what I wear and where I wear it. Second, I don’t like her assumption that I must want a husband. Not everyone does, not even taking into account matters of sexuality.

I would have liked to give her the (ring) finger!

Curly Curmudgeon


2 Responses to “Giving the (Ring) Finger”

  1. bright24 Says:

    lol, I do the same thing – I have several rings which only fit the third finger of my left hand, so I wear them there! We don’t have to keep that one a sacred space for when we get married (every woman’s dream)!

  2. dr1girlfriend Says:

    This happens to me too! I wear my silver/sapphire school ring there and i’ve gotten told the same thing. However, once I let them know i’m in a long term relationship i’ve been told that I’m probably hinting to the boyfriend that he should propose. Ugh.

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