Sartorial Snark


This morning, the reality of what I read on this blog touched me in a way I was not prepared for. I work in the service industry under a dress code: solid black. I am a supervisor and so I dress in professional, semi-formal attire. So, my having on a knee-length, empire-waist dress is a common occurrence. Yet, preparing to leave my home for work today, having just changed into my work clothes, as I walked through the kitchen past my roommate of three years, he turned to me and asked: “So, trying to get a promotion today?” Never mind the fact that he’s been employed for less than a year out of the three years we’ve lived together and I’ve been working steadily for the last nine years and only been unemployed four months of that time. If only I’d realized sooner: My experience and work ethic didn’t get me the last two promotions I’ve received in my current position, my ability to put clothes on and leave the house got me promoted! But I guess it’s #MFIF

Siobhan, Oregon

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3 Responses to “Sartorial Snark”

  1. jesurgislac Says:

    Bastard. I hate guys who make snark like that. And I bet if you called him on it, he’d just go “oh, it was a joke”… and act like he doesn’t understand it was offensive.

  2. scrivener212 Says:

    And it’s HFHD*.

    *His Fault He’s a Dick.

  3. Branch Monster Says:

    You could have stated that the ability to get dressed properly and leave the house on time is only the first step in being gainfully employed *hint hint*

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