No Laptop for the Lazy Stay-at-home Mom


The other day one of my husband’s friends wanted to skype with him. Since I frequently skype with my parents on our laptop, Husband asked my help getting skype up and running. I then went to the kitchen to start dinner. From the kitchen I overhear the following exchange:

Friend: So, is that Burnt Cheese’s laptop?

Husband: Yes

Friend: Where’s YOUR laptop?

Husband: I have a desktop.

Friend: But what do you do when you need a laptop for work?

Husband: I borrow one from the office.

Friend: That’s not right, can I talk to you privately?

At this point they turn off skype and go back to regular phones, ostensibly so his friend can complain about how greedy and lazy I am, because how dare I want a piece of technology when “all I do is stay home with the kid”. I have never prevented Husband from using the laptop. He has the password and can access it whenever he wants. We discussed this purchase at length before making it. This is not the first time this “friend” has implied that I’m not a “good wife”. But I guess it’s #MFIF.

Burnt Cheese, USA



5 Responses to “No Laptop for the Lazy Stay-at-home Mom”

  1. Merely Academic Says:

    Your husband’s friend is a creep.

  2. jesurgislac Says:

    Your husband’s “friend” is no friend.

  3. popesuburban Says:

    This is perhaps the point where you ask why this guy is still part of your lives, since he is clearly a grade-A asshole with no respect for you or your marriage.

    • Branch Monster Says:

      … or your child, seeing as he obviously has no idea what is required for good parenting if he is going to criticize someone for “only” staying home to provide child care.

  4. mcsqueeky Says:


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