Bad service


I encountered this story over at the blog Not Always Right, an archive of customer service horror stories that are often laden with sexism:

(It’s 3:30 am, and a hotel guest wanders into the back office that is clearly marked for staff only…)

Guest: “My phone isn’t working. I need to call someone… it’s really important.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. You can’t be back here. Please go back into the lobby and I will reset your phone line.”

Guest: *points at a chair* “Can’t I sit here?”

Me: “No. Go back out into the lobby, right now.”

Guest: *sits down* “I came here with a girl and she left me. Now I need to call for another girl.”

Me: “I’m sorry, really, but you can’t sit here. You can’t be back here. Please, go back into the lobby.”

Guest: *gets up* “Sorry. I’m upset.”

Me: “Give me a minute and I’ll reset your phone line and then call your room to see if it goes through.”

(I reset his phone and call his room. He leaves, only to come back 5 minutes later.)

Guest: “It still isn’t working. I’m really unhappy. Do you know where I can get a prostitute?”

Me: “I’m sure if you walk outside on the street and go to the corner you can find one, but you can’t bring her back here.”

Guest: “That isn’t safe.”

Me: “I’m sorry… I can’t help you, sir.”

Guest: “Are you a prostitute?”

Me: “No!”

Guest: “I’ll pay you $160.”

Me: “Sir, I’m not a prostitute, and I’m going to call security.”

Guest: “No, you won’t. You’re a prostitute. How about $280? How much do men normally pay?”

Me: “Do I look like a prostitute? I’m a receptionist. I do paperwork and check people in. I don’t sleep with them.”

Guest: “All of the girls that I know who are receptionists at night are prostitutes.”

Me: “Well, I’m not. Can you please go back to your room?!”

Guest: “I’m from Miami.”

Me: “Good. Can you please go back to your room?”

Guest: “Fine. Tomorrow I’m going to complain about the service here!”

Me: “… because I won’t sleep with you for money?”

Guest: “Will you just come sleep with me? I just need thirty minutes.”

Me: “No.”

Guest: “I’m talking to the manager tomorrow.”

Me: “That’s fine, sir. Good luck…”

(He finally leaves, and I make a note of this encounter. I discover the next day that he was refunded $20 due to my poor service. I have no idea what he told the receptionist when he checked out, but she clearly didn’t read my note!)

#HFSF (and not a prostitute, as most other women are.)

9 Responses to “Bad service”

  1. kimcleaton Says:

    Actually, the most insulting bit about this was the bit at the end…

    “#HFSF (and not a prostitute, as most other women are.)”


  2. flossiesdoll Says:

    I thought it was just poorly written, meaning I’m not a prostitute, like most other women are not prostitutes.

    • mcsqueeky Says:

      All it means is: “Her fault she’s female [which is already sarcasm in itself] and not a prostitute, like most other women are [sarcasm again, mocking the man in the story].”

  3. scrivener212 Says:

    Why didn’t she call security the moment this guy didn’t leave? Just tell him she’ll have the engineer go back to his room with him and call security. At least she would have had a witness to the rest.

  4. jesurgislac Says:

    He got refunded $20 because she wouldn’t have sex with him?

    WTF? How is that even legal?

    What hotel chain was this that expects receptionists to provide sexual services to their customers?

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