Real women don’t eat bacon


I’m an elected politician in the UK (nothing grand, just local government), and was in Liverpool this last weekend for my party’s autumn conference. I stayed 4 days in a hotel which had buffet breakfast. Nothing fancy, the usual stuff, eggs, bacon, hash browns, baked beans, you get the idea.

On the morning of day 2 I was at the breakfast buffet, and had placed a rasher of bacon on my plate, some scrambled eggs, and was about to reach for the baked beans when there’s this sarcastic tone of voice behind me, “Oh, going for the *slimming* option today, are we?”

I turned round to see a man I’d never seen before, as if he was expecting something. I just GLARED at him, before moving on.

For the record I am 36 years old, a UK size 14 (which I understand is the average size for women in the UK), I enjoy inactive life with hobbies like rock climbing, and am in pretty good shape. Regardless, what I look like doesn’t matter – I’m actually pretty happy with my body, which is a place I’m pleased to have got to, and I absolutely resent the fact that because I’m female the idea that I might eat protein in public is somehow shocking. I guess it’s #MFIF

Sarah, UK


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6 Responses to “Real women don’t eat bacon”

  1. Merely Academic Says:

    The arrogance of random males assuming they have a right to police how women look and what they eat in public never ceases to astound me. I just wish you’d said “I don’t think I need to. But I can certainly see why you’d be worried yourself!”

  2. Jenny with the Axe Says:

    Here’s another response: “Did you know the brain needs protein and energy to work well? You might want to try it yourself!”

  3. skipla Says:

    I’m 37 and a foreigner in the UK and size 14. Being examined by a GP, I was asked a series of questions including many that were not in the least connected to the issue before her. Then she asks me to step on the scale and makes a face indicating “bad news coming up” Then she reads the weight and says with notable surprise in her tone: “OH actually healthy!”

    Hey, I cycle and jog to keep fit, what a surprise that I actually am….well guess what, I’m not going back to that GP.

  4. annaghislaine Says:

    How many times will he be able to do that before someone rams the plate of baked beans into his stupid face, I wonder?

    • jesurgislac Says:

      more effective revenge – oh, and less likely to get sued for – would be to “accidentally” drop the plate of scrambled eggs, baked beans, bacon, and anything else nicely messy down his front – over his jacket, shirt, trousers, shoes and if possible his tie.

      Then apologise profusely! Of course! Oh dear, SO CLUMSY of me, so sorry.

      Hopefully it’ll (a) cost him something hefty for dry cleaning, (b) mean he’s late for whatever VERY IMPORTANT MEETING was going to be graced by his presence.

  5. atozinco Says:

    Wow, douche.

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