KFC want to sell chicken – on your ass


KFC values women’s derrieres at $500 a piece; doesn’t offer the same to men.

For another $500, they might as well be advertising for the breast meat.


Boston Pinay, USA


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5 Responses to “KFC want to sell chicken – on your ass”

  1. mryan91 Says:

    It’s like KFC wants to tell people that that’s where their food will end up.

  2. scrivener212 Says:

    The Double Down in itself is bad enough–it’s nothing more than ultra-grease high cholesterol greed nation hell. But this strategy?

    [Insert mind boggling ignorance here]

    [And to those who had the misfortune of seeing this poster’s hatred, here’s Jane Austen’s Fight Club for your enjoyment!


    • marchioness Says:

      I don’t think blaming women for working in a patriarchal society is the best way to go about it.

      Maybe we should focus on the patriarchal society that makes these options available – and normalizes them. Just sayin’.

      • skyhawkmkiv Says:

        At least you offered a calm response to this mansplainer. I would have lit his hair on fire. Also, yes, the society is wrong for making this “normal”.

    • Brittany-Ann Says:

      They’re doing it on college campuses–extending this offer to young, poor college women for whom $500 is a gold mine. That’s predatory.

      GGW plies young college women with alcohol, and harasses them until the women do what they want. Sometimes they’ll even film and produce shots of women who were assaulted by men who decided they had the right to pull their shirts up for them. That’s predatory.

      Women who strip, hand out coupons for this campaign, or prostitute themselves are doing what they have to do to survive in a world that doesn’t give a shit about their happiness, intelligence, or ambition.

      And you have the temerity to blame women? Say goodbye to your hate, ’cause it doesn’t belong here.

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