I want a ticket. From a man.


ME: Ticket office, Sophie speaking, how may I help you?
CUSTOMER: May I speak to Brian please?
ME: I’m sorry, you cannot choose the agent you speak with. But what can I do for you.
CUSTOMER: You don’t understand! I need baseball tickets!
ME: So I can sell them to you. What date would you like?
CUSTOMER: How can you give me good seats if you’ve never been and don’t understand the game?

Of course, a female cannot have ever been to a baseball game, or even understand the seating chart of a baseball stadium. #MFIF

SL, Montreal, Canada

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One Response to “I want a ticket. From a man.”

  1. scrivener212 Says:

    I don’t know what gets me the worst–the fact that he asked for a guy, or the fact that he was too stupid to realize that to sell tickets, you had to have the map right in front of you, no matter what sex you were.

    Scratch that. Stupidity and sexism are always a dead tie with me.

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