Not in her job description


I have a part-time job at a restaurant, and although I like the people i work with, I hate the job because of our major customers. Just tonight, I was asked if I was “18 yet”, winked at by an older man who often comes in simply to watch me, and told that I had a nice body.

I will never understand why some men think that we are in desperate need for their flattery. I do not want you to hit on me. I do not want you to call me sweetie. I do not want you to check me out as I’m walking by.

I never signed up for unnerving advances when I applied for this job, but I guess it’s #MFIF



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7 Responses to “Not in her job description”

  1. missashjade Says:

    Christ that’s horrible. You should ask him to either not make those comments or leave…

  2. atozinco Says:

    I’m sorry you have to put up with guys like him, this type of thing makes me angry 😦

    The men who sexually harass us might call it ‘flattery’ but most women and girls HATE it.

    I wish that the men who do this could spend a day in the shoes of a woman & experience being leered over, reduced, intimidated and sexually objectified first hand.

  3. skipla Says:

    I know it is not nice, I have even received a “so how much do you cost?” when working as a waitress.
    If it is any consolation then this is really not gender based, in that male waiters also suffer from the same, including questions about how much they would cost. They get it primarily from women but also from males.

  4. marchioness Says:

  5. snooj Says:

    Ugh. I don’t know why some men do this. It’s worse when they honestly think we should happy that they’re flattering us! I hope when that creep comes in, you can ask someone else to serve him?

    I was running outside the other day. I passed by these two boys who had this to say:
    “Why don’t you respect the running lady?”
    “Ok. Look at that ass! Wow!”

    Sure, big bums run in my family, and sure, I was in my short shorts, but I was clearly not dressed to grab attention. I had my large, torn, and old t-shirt on and a real dorky giant belt with a pouch and water bottles attached to it. I did not, and still don’t want, people commenting about my ass especially out in the woods where I’m alone and already exhausted, and thus an easy target.

    I’m glad I have a nice rear, but you don’t say that outloud and make me feel uncomfortable and questiton your intentions!

  6. mcsqueeky Says:

    I’m sorry. Luckily I can only think of maybe one time I’ve been sexually harassed at work. It’s out walking that I get harassed a lot. It makes me so self conscious and unsafe. I walk as little as I can out where there’s busy roads.

  7. theblackcorner Says:

    I’ve had three – THREE – men come up to me on the street this week and ask me for my number/whether I will go for a drink with them. In two cases this was after them asking me politely how I was and me saying ‘I’m well, thanks’, and moving off. In the third case, it was after I smiled at the guy’s dog. I don’t feel particulalry threatened by this behaviour, but I’m certainly offended – they don’t know anything about me, and they arent even interested in trying. In which case, do they genuinely think they have a chance?

    Sorry about your harrassment. You need to tell supervisors and co-workers when you are being made uncomfortable like this, and I hope they’ll support you when you object to the commenters themselves. Good luck.

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