Too much for him


I’m a Formula One fan. A couple months ago I watched an episode of Top Gear that had a tribute to three time champion Ayrton Senna, but made a note in my Livejournal that I took issue with Lewis Hamilton being called Senna’s biggest fan when there were other, more qualified people.

I got this response from an acquaintance of mine:

Okay…For a girl… seriously… you know too much about racing.

I called him out on the sexism, and he accepted it, but still, must be #MFIF.


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4 Responses to “Too much for him”

  1. jvln Says:

    When I was a kid (7-8) I was constantly arguing with my brother about who was the greatest – Ayrton Senna (my pick) or Alain Prost (his pick). ah, childhood – the time before society at large and family and friends began to apply pressure about what is and isn’t acceptable for a girl to find interesting, fascinating and worth arguing over.

    One can dissect his statement into a triptych of sexism: ‘for a girl’ (a lesser creature) ‘seriously’ (hush girl, a man speaks now!) ‘you know too much’ (your interest, passion, knowledge is taking me outside of that familiar, comfortable zone, where a female’s knowledge, drive, or perseverance doesn’t threaten my own).

  2. skyhawkmkiv Says:

    I saw that episode. Yeah, Lewis Hamilton’s run was great, but I thought it should have been one of his greatest rivals like Alain Prost or Nigel Mansell. That would have made it even better.

    • skyhawkmkiv Says:

      EDIT: My F1 fan got in the way of my internet commenter. That’s stupid that he thought you knew “too much” about F1. My little sister (age 11) loves it when I get V8 Supercar coverage and just eats it up when we watch it :3

  3. kazokuhouou Says:

    Ugh, don’t remind me. I still hate Clarkson for leaving out his friendship with Berger and, oh I don’t know, I’d think his nephew would have bigger claim to the ‘biggest fan’ moniker.

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