Splitting the cost


My fiance and I live together, but as we haven’t combined finances yet, split all costs down the center. When it comes to shopping, this typically means we go together and split the final total between the two of us. Never had a problem with this at other stores before, mainly because most cashiers do this all the time (i.e. splitting a purchase between two debit cards).

About a week ago we made our monthly Sam’s club run, which went fine until we got to the check out. We always like to make sure its okay to split the total purchase before stuff gets rung up, so I asked the cashier (a young man) if we could split the purchase between two cards. He didn’t understand what I was asking, so I elaborated, “Is it okay if we ring everything up and put it on two separate cards?” He told me that we’d have to do two separate purchases to put it on separate store cards, which is not what I meant. At this point, my fiance said, “No, what she meant is that we want to split the final purchase between two credit cards.” Cashier finally gets it and starts ringing everything up.

Once we get the total, I figure out what half is, and tell the cashier that’s what we want put on the first card. Once again, blank stare. I repeat, “I want to put X amount on the first card please.” His reply – “Oh, I thought he would have picked up a larger amount since he’s the guy and all.” He then turned to my fiance and said, “Are you sure you want her to pay for this much of the purchase? Probably spending your money anyway!” I gave him a disbelieving look and said, “We split everything. Always have. Sometimes I even pay for everything.” Fiance just glared at him. He expressed further shock when I (*gasp*) paid first, saying, “Wow, letting her pay first! What a gentleman.”

So, even though I actually have more money than my fiance, and we believe in splitting anything we’ll both use (cleaning supplies, food, etc) evenly, I’m just spending his money because I have a vagina. Not to mention nothing made sense when I said it, and God forbid I do anything before a man does it! I rarely complain about how employees at stores such as this act, but I did report his behavior to customer service (who said he would get reprimanded, and I got a small gift card). I guess I should have expected it though. I mean, a woman spending her own money and contributing equally to her household? Psh. I guess it’s #MFIF



4 Responses to “Splitting the cost”

  1. gloinson Says:

    Nobody expects the … cashier being out of his depth and out of control of his tongue. Reprimand well applied.

    My wife and I went the easier way: keep the splitting out of the public, as one does with business-arrangements. We just kept a list who paid what and balanced it once in a while. Worked fine for seven years, then we lost interest and one year later joined accounts. Actually we used hers after then because she could get me a Europe-wide free partner-credit-card on her account in two weeks and my former bank not. Add another year and we had married …

  2. trixtah Says:

    What a dick. And perfectly appropriate to take it up the chain – it isn’t for anyone to comment on how you divvy up your household budget.

    Personally, however, I prefer the three-pot method – put in a sum each month into a joint account for rent, food, bills (and holidays/joint entertainment money). Then you each have your own money for the stuff you don’t share.

  3. aquatea Says:

    My husband and I have joint accounts and when we go out to eat, whoever has their debit card handy pays the bill. But whenever I use my card, with my obviously female name on it, even if I personally hand the card to the server, he or she will always give the receipt to my husband so he can sign it. Because obviously the man always pays, regardless of circumstances.

  4. gloinson Says:

    with money it did not happen in years to us (3 out of 4 times my wife pays, because she likes to carry bigger amounts of money than me), but a situation like this occured last time in Sweden in a good restaurant, where the waiter really, really tried to insist that I tasted the wine instead of my sister, who is just more versed in tasting.

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