Will someone tell Fiddy to go fuck himself?


Somehow, while checking my Twitter today, a tweet from 50 Cent was re-tweeted by one of my friends and so it appeared in my feed. It reads:

“Booty is my new motivational topic of the day. If ur skinny buy you a ass. If u have no tits put them in bitch. Quit playing around”

Damn, I forgot that no man on earth will find me attractive unless I’ve got T&A, and if I don’t, I better spend tens of thousands of dollars getting them put in so people can ogle me on the street. Must be #MFIF.

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11 Responses to “Will someone tell Fiddy to go fuck himself?”

  1. skyhawkmkiv Says:

    Go fuck yourself, Fiddy. Wow, I feel a lot better now. Thanks MFIF!

  2. peachesorplums Says:

    LOL. I actually don’t find huge T&A attractive. Who says a woman without a big butt or huge breasts is ‘playing around’? Somebody tell Fiddy that 1. Not all women are there to be stared at or want to be 2. Some women genuinely don’t want him. example: me.

  3. redreplicant Says:

    Ha, anyone who takes 50 Cent seriously needs to have her or his head examined.

  4. Danika the Lesbrarian Says:

    Ahh, homophobia and misogyny.


  5. scrivener212 Says:

    O my God, I want to go buy me a big ol’ ax and bury it in his head. Who does this arrogant thug think he is, to dictate to *anyone* how they should look and the painful, expensive tortures they should endure to get his fleeting approval?

    Ten years, little man, and no one will know who you are or that you were too ignorant to be 50 Cents.

  6. flossiesdoll Says:

    He’s only thirtyseven and a half pence in the UK.

  7. popesuburban Says:

    Oh boy, Fiddy approves of me! How exciting!

    Except he’s too stupid, irritating and full of himself for me to care, or to want anything to do with him. Maybe those terrible traits are why no woman will get with him, which in turn explains that resentful attitude of his. Fat chance he’ll ever clue in, though, so I’ll just hope he shuts up.

  8. piewackett1 Says:

    Thanks peachesor for telling us what your valuable personable male viewpoint is. We were all dying to know exactly what you find sexually attractive. Go to Feminism 101 and read why you are so annoying.

    Anyhoo, stopped by from IBTP, this is a terrific blog, thanks much and please keep writing!

    • jenniferengland Says:

      I think peachesor is female, unless “2. Some women genuinely don’t want him. example: me.” was a typo.

      I also suspect that you stopped reading after her first sentence.

      • piewackett1 Says:

        Ya got me.
        The rank stupidity of leaving a comment concerning one’s personal “requirements” for what a woman’s body should be according to one’s own personal preference on this site under this heading lead me to conclusion jump that the author was male.
        Females can be insensitive idiots too. We are all raised to loathe females, even if we, ourselves, are female. I blame the patriacrhy/ies.
        I hate our culture.

  9. anyalias Says:

    is he trying to get himself shot AGAIN?

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