Assault, Abuse, and Necrophilia – all in just one game


I recently started playing a fun adventure/battle game on one of my favorite sites. (Although it’s the 3rd in a series I’ve never played the others before so I can only comment on this one.)

The game is played with a party of three characters, two male and one female. The humor is immature to start with, but the things the programmer(s) decided to throw in specifically for the female character adds up to something between disturbing and disappointing for me.

1. The female character’s breasts jiggle when clicked. Neither of the males have clickable anythings.
2. If the female character dies, sometimes one of the other two comments, “I guess you should have stayed in the kitchen.”
3. If the female character dies, sometimes instead of a grave stone, a sign that says “For sale” appears next to her body. This has yet to happen for the male characters, who die much more frequently.

I should have known a game can’t just have a female character who is equal to the male characters. She has to be specially programmed so the player can fondle her, and sexist things programmed into the game. I get the feeling that the only reason there is a female character is so the programmers could add the jiggling cleavage appeal. Isn’t that all women are for? Ah, but it’s probably my fault anyway. Only boys play games. #MFIF

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9 Responses to “Assault, Abuse, and Necrophilia – all in just one game”

  1. slackermagee Says:

    Uhhhh, where are you going for your games?

    A good place to start would be, unless I am quickly proven otherwise, Steam. They tend to weed out that sort of thing if memory serves.

    • peachesorplums Says:

      It’s not like I go to some creepy place. The site is called Kongregate. Mostly shooter games, puzzles, and sometimes more involved adventures like this one. They don’t allow any type of obscene game. For a fairly cute little game like it is, I was disappointed at what they chose to add in specifically for the female character. It seems like this was also in the previous games, but I haven’t played them yet.

      • kimcleaton Says:

        This sounds weird. Guess it’s not like the big popular games then… I play world of warcraft (an MMORPG), and it’s about as equal to the sexes as you can get. Which I love, of course, coz I don’t have to worry about all my characters being female… =)

  2. retikhah Says:

    And people wonder why girls don’t play the same kinds of games boys do… even though more women game altogether than men (really! recent study!) it’s because the games are designed to be nasty and rude to us. OH, yeah *facepalm*

    • peachesorplums Says:

      Yeah. From my years on the net, I’ve defaulted to assuming everyone I meet is female unless proven otherwise. Obviously different circles on the internet will vary for the dominant sex, but do some of these guys really believe “There are no girls on the internet”? 😛

  3. atozinco Says:

    That is so disturbing. That might take the prize for the most disturbing and sexist game I’ve heard about.

    • kktwain Says:

      Sorry but, I think there are much worse games out there. Still, this is a disturbing game. Someone should send the creator a complaint.

      • peachesorplums Says:

        There definitely are. For instance, there are plenty of games that are created specifically for the player to rape or have sex with some random woman. However, as bad as it might sound, those games ARE designed specifically for that. Whether they should exist or not is another debate. What made me sad about this one is the site does not host games like the above, and the game I was playing is just what I’ve seen as a ‘standard’ turn-based monster hunting game. Having the character for her “huge breasts” and throwing in the other features is like having a Mario game where you can grope Princess Peach because she’s a female with breasts.

  4. xtinas Says:

    Gah, and clicking them a number of times in a row is an award, for chrissakes. *annoyed*

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