Ladybrain need beardy to understand


I’m pretty sure FailBlog speaks for all of us when they call this a Sexist Fail.

Boston Pinay

5 Responses to “Ladybrain need beardy to understand”

  1. onimonster0wp Says:

    Oy, it’s a doubly sexist sign with equal opportunity insulting for all genders!

    This place is in Fresno, California but I recall seeing similar signs around the San Jose area and Salinas so it must belong to a chain or franchise.

  2. fiona888 Says:

    The even more worrying thing about this Failblog post is the comments – so many people who don’t see what’s wrong with it. At one point it even digresses into gratuitous racial stereotyping.

    They just don’t see that it is wrong to make sweeping generalisations about people who happen to have one thing in common with each other, be it gender, hair colour, race, religion, whatever. Just because something may be true of some, or even most, people within a particular grouping does not in any way make it justifiable to extrapolate it to ALL of them. Nor to state the arbitrary grouping in place of the relevant factor in any given situation.

    • shoutingwoman Says:

      Most of the site is full of comments like that – you don’t need an account to make a comment unfortunately. I’d already seen this on Failbook – I follow lolcats, sports and Engrish mostly but do check out the other parts of the site from time to time. It’s a bit of a badge of honour for commenters to be as foul as possible.

      I did follow Bob’s House of Video games on the same site for a while, but 99% of the pics were of female video game characters with their boobs out and comments like ‘hurr hurr boobies’ underneath, so I stopped following.

  3. popesuburban Says:

    It’s shit like this that has forced me to be able to bring the pain to total strangers without hesitation or regret. And I hate that, because I shouldn’t have to gird myself for battle every time I need a goddamn oil change, or some part of my car breaks.

  4. aquatea Says:

    I may not know anything about cars, but neither does my husband. Who’s going to explain everything to him in extra simple terms?

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