Pwning the sexists


Female game reviewer gets lambasted for having a “feminist” perspective on an iconic game series. Commenters tell her not to review games during “that time of the month” and “video games are for boys.”

Wow, pointing out crappy video game plot lines? Must be HFSF.

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3 Responses to “Pwning the sexists”

  1. amerilia Says:

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of male gamers out there are not only quite critical of the games that they like, but also devaluing girl gamers’ opinions. A lot of the games are geared towards guys, and the company that was working on the game was Studio Ninja, who is known for their sexist views in general (and for creating Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball). Add in the fact that she was critical about feminist issues (and the fact that Samus has always been a strong female role model in past games), and that’s just fodder for the teenage male gamers who don’t care about girls or their rights or how they are treated, but only care about themselves. And the fact that it is the internet allows them to behave even more badly without any potential recourse.

    Fortunately, there did seem to be quite a few positive comments on the site as well, and I am glad that the moderators are (for the most part) doing their jobs.

    • skyhawkmkiv Says:

      Totally agree. Team Ninja is know for making timid, submissive female characters in their games. Metroid: Other M is no exception. She was right about the mechanics issues, but the sharks were circling when she said that she hated the fact that Samus was portrayed the way she was. Like there was something wrong with the way Samus was portrayed in this game vs. the other 10 games before it. Valid point, but “OMG thiz gamez r 4 boyz fuk of” was the respons of most of the commenters.

  2. lanaer Says:

    Jeez, even Yahtzee (who delights in being offensive) complained about the game’s misogyny. Of course, his review didn’t have that sort of backlash, since he is male.


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