Hip hop not for girls


A friend and I were in a coffee shop studying. my friend is an dedicated, knowledgeable and ardent fan of hip hop. She was wearing a t-shirt that featured a lesser-known but highly respected hip hop group.

two guys at the next table had the following exchange:

Guy 1: check out her shirt yo!

Guy 2: pfft. must be her boyfriend’s.

because the only way a female can know about hip hop is through her effing boyfriend.


Gisele, Vancouver, BC


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5 Responses to “Hip hop not for girls”

  1. scrivener212 Says:

    The roots go deep, despite the women rappers and dancers.

  2. earthling Says:

    Yep. Women aren’t allowed to be music geeks. We can only like Westlife and buy CDs from Tescos when we’re getting the shopping in for our menz.

    Seriously I could write for a long while on this subject as I am a female music anorak. Male record shop workers giving me suspicious looks. Male DJs expressing confusion that I like records and can hold my own in a discussion about drum ‘n’ bass. Male musicians expressing how ‘weird’ it is that I know technical information about music production. And so on…

    Oh and there was the charming ex-editor of a mainstream music mag that I interviewed several years ago, who opined that women ‘don’t really like’ music and were only interesting in clubbing because they like dressing up and going out.

    • truthtruthlie Says:

      WHAT. Okay, so, I am not yet well versed in many of the things you discussed but an ex-editor of a music mag said women are not interested in music AT ALL? WTH?!?!?!?!?!1 how can a human being exist while being so incredibly ignorant and blind and *hands*

      I give up on the world.

      • earthling Says:

        I’m afraid it’s true. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Basically he was saying he was going to aim the magazine (even) more at a male readership, and then gave that ridiculous hateful bile as his rationale.

  3. knavemurdok Says:

    I’m curious to know what artist was on the shirt 🙂

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