Clearly capable, but no cable


This is was one of the newer entries on the blog Not Always Right.

[At an office supply store in Elkridge, MD, USA]

Me: “Sir, can I help you?”

Customer: “I need a cable.”

Me: “Ok. I’ll take you to our cables, what kind of cable do you need?”

Customer: “Uhm…. a cable. USB? I need to hook up a computer.”

Me: “Here are our USB cables, but could you be a little more specific?”

Customer: *getting angry* “These are not what I need at all! I need a cable! Are you deaf? I need a C-A-B-L-E. I need one for my computer.”

Me: “Sir, there are a lot of cables, if you could tell me what kind of thing you were trying to hook up?”

Customer: “Is there anyone else on the floor that can help me!? Maybe one of the computer guys? You’re obviously too stupid to understand.”

Me: “Sir, I am the only one on the floor at the moment and I am trying my best to help you find your cable.”

Customer: “Miss, why don’t you go back to the registers where you belong and bring me a computer guy?”

Me: “Sir, I am the tech person and would be happy to help you find your cable. Could you show me an example of what you mean?”

(The customer, extremely agitated, goes to a display computer.)

Customer: This is what I wanted! A cable!”

Me: “You mean a keyboard?”

Customer: “Um…yes.” *sheepishly leaves the store*

Her fault she’s female #MFIF



One Response to “Clearly capable, but no cable”

  1. sitakali Says:

    Oh my god, this is exactly like my experience working at Dick Smiths Electronics in New Zealand. One incident went something like this:

    Me: Can I help you?

    Elderly dude: *Gives me a once over* Yeah, can you find me somebody who KNOWS what they’re talking about?!

    This happened several times per DAY. It was an exhausting job for that reason. I always assumed it was because I had an American accent, but then, after a couple other jobs that weren’t in a stereotypically male field, I realised that it the problem at Dick Smiths was that it was MFIF.

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