Football, cars, women, lions(?)… The ‘real man’s’ soft drink


I am a young female pub manager – which brings me enough problems as it is – and I saw this advert in a trade magazine this morning. It’s not quite MFIF – but it is blatantly sexist advertising, reliant on a definition of ‘real men’ that I know many men would find insulting. Check it out for yourselves.

Maria, Brighton UK

13 Responses to “Football, cars, women, lions(?)… The ‘real man’s’ soft drink”

  1. sitakali Says:

    There is nothing inherently masculine about that drink. I’d like to drink it. Plus, did you notice all three women in the ad have their ribs showing?

  2. itsuwaru Says:

    I didn’t know drinking beer would get you three photoshopped women, a motorcycle, a car, and a lion!! Anyways I question if all those things don’t just represent what men like, but the type of men they are targeting to drink the beer. Apparently they want ‘ladies’ men, bikers, truckers, and men with aggressive traits to drink this.

  3. branchmonster Says:

    Did anyone notice that the ad implies that one of the women might know how to operate a power tool? Does that mean real men like women who know how to do that and should women take this implication as a front?

  4. soisaystoher Says:

    This ad is so bad it’s hilarious. The basic premise is ‘let’s through loads of hypermasculine stereotypes at them to overcompensate for the fact that they feel less manly because the beer has no alcohol in it.’ They should have taken a leaf out of Billy Connolly’s book. This one’s a classic:

  5. skyhawkmkiv Says:

    Pfft. More like a soft drink for douchebags. In case you didn’t know, I’m a man and this is completely idiotic.

  6. slackermagee Says:

    I with you, this thing looks like its got all the downsides of beer (bladder filling, gut swelling, appetite killing) without the good stuff.

    And a point of order: real men stay in the rounds longer because they know how to freaking drink. Ditto for women.

  7. Sarah Says:

    If it’s for men, why are all the pictures of women?

  8. shoutingwoman Says:

    Speaking of adverts – has anyone seen the FCUK one for their Autumn/Winter 2010 collection? My local store has it in their window (and it’s on the website) and it irritates me every time I walk past.

    On the men’s side of the window it says ‘I am the man. I am like wolf’ in great big capital letters. On the women’s side it says ‘Come, says the woman’ in flowery, girly undercase letters. Aside from the obvious suggestion that men are strong, like wolves blah de blah, and worthy of shouting caps, while women are soft and demure and deserving of flowering undercase, I find it a bit creepy. The idea that men are like wolves and women call for them is a bit too predatory for me, and I’m definitely getting a sexual undertone there.

    Maybe it’s just me and I’ve read too much Angela Carter, but would be interesting to know if it deserves a mention on the site.

  9. fyremane Says:

    Now this beverage is funny, looking at the image, gee so many things to say, 1) im female, 2) I have a tribal lion tattoo on my leg, 3) I drive Big Rigs.

  10. isitnotnifty Says:

    Sooooo they want to “pretend” to be manly because it’s more manly to drink beer than anything else….

    What is it with men and beer? Who even likes that crap?

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